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"A game for two"
es un juego para dos jugadores creado para el "Experimental Gameplay Project" bajo el tema "Chicos y Chicas". Se trata de un juego que es cooperativo y competitivo al mismo tiempo. El juego puede ser tan fácil o tan dificil como quieran los jugadores y son ellos quienes tendrán que encontrar el equilibrio.

"A game for two" es mi segundo "Recycling Game", esta vez utilizando pintura y música clásica. También es un intento en contar una historia de amor arquetípica a través de la mecánica del juego.

El juego está diréctamente inspirado por el cortometraje "Triangle" del realizador de animación estonio Priit Pärn.

"A game for two" tries to tell the classic love story trough gameplay mechanics.

"A game for two" is both a cooperative and competitive game for two players in three acts. It can be as easy or as difficult as the players want it to be and it´s up to them to find the balance.

It is also my second game under my "Recycling Games" project which relies on using preexisting audiovisual material as a source for game creation. This time, using classical paintings and music.

"A game for two" is an entry for the Experimental Gameplay Project´s "Boys and Girls" challenge.

The game is directly inspired by the ahort film "Triangle" by the estonian animation filmmaker Priit Pârn.

"A game for two" est un jeu pour deux joueurs crée pour l'Experimental Gameplay Project sur le thème "Garçons et Filles". Il s'agit d'un jeu cooperatif et competitif au même temps. Le jeu peut-être aussi facile ou difficile comme les joueurs le veulent, et ça sera à eux de trouver l'équilibre.

"A game for two" est mon deuxième "Recycling Game", cette fois utilisant de la peinture et de la musique classique. C'est aussi un essai de racconter une histoire d'amour classique à travers des mécanismes du jeu.

Le jeu est directemment inspiré par le court-mètrage "Triangle" du réalisateur d'animation estonien Priit Pärn.

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Marcus dijo...

I really like this project. It's cute and has a simple control scheme anyone can pick up. The cooperative element is clever. I really like the "Act" structure as well.

I think you don't as many as 12 steps. What you may want to do is add points for anytime a player presses a unique direction. I was able to just press a single direction for 12 step and progress.

Overall, I think this is the best game I've seen from this months challenge.

Troshinsky dijo...

Thanks! Actually the fact that you can progress by doing constantly the same step is intentional. Playing easy is not fun, playing too difficult neither, but you can do it if you like, just like in a real relationship.